Ask Politics

Does trust of strangers influence how likely someone is to answer a poll from a stranger?

I’ve always wondered about type of people who take surveys. Who among us would take a random call in the middle of the day from a perfect stranger and spending the next 30 minutes answering dozens of extremely intrusive questions about your personal life and political beliefs? According to Pew, survey response rates have fallen […]

Ask Health Medical

Why is the fall in measles mortality attributed to vaccines and not medicaid?

Measles deaths fell around 1966-67. Medicaid was added in 1965. Why is it assumed vaccines were the reason and not various major health system changes at this time?

Ask Engineering Network Engineering

Debugging ip-sec transport mode with wireshark: Does wireshark show packages ignored on kernel level? [closed]

I am setting up an ipsec connection in transport mode to a remote machine and trying to debug it via wireshark. From what I understand, if the kernel receives a package and the authentication data in the esp does not check out, the kernel simply ignores that package. Would that package still show in wireshark? […]

Ask Engineering Network Engineering

IKEv2 notification payload regarding IKE SA

I am puzzled about two paragraphs regarding a notification payload in section 3.10 of RFC7296. There you can find the following: o Protocol ID (1 octet) – If this notification concerns an existing SA whose SPI is given in the SPI field, this field indicates the type of that SA. For notifications concerning Child SAs, […]

Apple User Help

Unable to create Shortcut for creating new note in Evernote

I am trying to create a Shortcut that will create a new note in Evernote. It should ask me to enter some text for the note. In my Shortcut app, I create a new Shortcut and for Content I select Shortcut Input. But when I run this Shortcut, it simply creates an empty note in […]

Raspberry Pi User Help

Unattended upgrade removed core packages

I’m using unattended upgrades on my RPi server which is running production grade personal servers (mail server, wordpress, nextcloud). Last night, the unattended upgrade uninstalled a lot of package as if it was an "auto remove" : Unattended upgrade result: Toutes les mises à niveau ont été installées Package Upgrade Tentative: (<= translated from French) […]

Ask Geographic Information System (GIS)

Influence of heatmap on point data

I´ve got a quite specific question and hope someone understand what I want. I´ve got two datasets (point-shapes): Camera traps which gained data of roe deer on forest meadows Camera traps which gained data of lynx (each camera trap counts given lynx event) What I did: I loaded both point-shapes in QGIS. Both point-shapes are […]

Game Creation Mastering Development

What is the problem?

public class FootprintsFollow : MonoBehaviour { public Transform footprints; public float totaltime = 0; // Update is called once per frame void Update() { totaltime += Time.deltaTime; if (totaltime => 0.5f); { Instantiate(footprints, GetComponenet<Transform> [].position, footprints.rotational); totaltime = 0; } } } Error Please help!

Database Development

Why am I getting an error if I am trying to modify data type? [closed]

I am facing an error when I passed the following syntax in MySQL: ALTER TABLE store MODIFY (DOB char(40)) ; I am attaching a screenshot too because then you can see that the column DOB is having all rows NULL in it. Even after that Data type isn’t changing. See in yellow is my syntax. […]

Ask Games Video Games

Gta5 story mode hang out

How do I change a there weapon in hangout story mode because when I take out a weapon they only take out a Thompson?